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Our Baby Dragons

The only Animatronic dragons with full-sized fantasy carriage in the UK.  Each dragon is over 2m long and their eyes, eyelids, head, chest, tail and wings move. As the smoke trickles from their toothy grins, they fill the air with their low pitched grumblings, and snorts.  


No one will forget the first time they met Steel and Stardust ….. Because they can actually operate these dragons. 

Are you brave enough to... 

  • Jump on the driver's seat of the carriage and operate the dragons? Moving their tail, head and wings 

  • Sit inside the witches carriage?

  • Pose on the grass, between the dragons?


If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like when a dragons tail twitches or its wings flap - then this is your chance to find out!

The photo opportunities are truly memorable, this creation is a must see for anyone into fantasy / mythic adventures, and a great way of learning hands on about film effects and prop building.

Featuring two dragons, fantasy carriage, grass and educational display covering how the display was built and its back story. Display has an 8m x 4m footprint. 


    Stardust and Steel are a fantasy force to be reckoned with. 


The Carriage The Protector


Fortuna travels,  to attend important catastrophes and celebrations, so she had a carriage made from magical animal parts. It is armoured with dragons scales (for purity of vision) and inside is decorated with sabertooth, polar bear, and fox fur, not that she needs any more cunning or strength!  She had no compunction when stealing two dragon eggs in killing their mother and seriously wounding their father.


Fortuna needed the baby dragons to pull her carriage. She made sure that as soon as they hatched, the dragons imprinted on her, not knowing their true mother, they see Fortuna as their leader. She then implanted them with physical control devices (the control collars they wear) and enslaved them. She harnessed their strength and magical powers for her own protection.


Without the love of their mother during development they have no morals, and as they grew, the implants grew too, in a magical fusion with their dragon bones,  just as the image of their captor froze around their tiny dragon hearts. She was their mistress and had full control over their actions. The dragons are still young now, but the future holds a bumpy ride into adolescence for them. If they are to separate from her, (if they even can with the physical devices she has installed in their tiny bodies) it will not be easy. If they don’t find a way to leave her, they will be slaves forever and her power will be enormous.

Fortuna the wraith-witch, is older than time and revealed herself when the first seas flowed, she decided the routes they took, where the rivers flowed bringing prosperity and where they flooded bring disaster, where the desert was and when it bloomed. Cities were founded and grew with her blessing, or suffered misfortune at her whim and consequently withered and fell. Nations she favoured became strong and successful.


Fortuna was present at the very first first game of chance, from then on she shaped the way commerce developed, by having spies in all organisations. Cassinos were created where her minions offer the chance of getting rich quick. Laterly, to stay in control in a rapidly changing world, her disciples developed crypto currencies and online gambling.


She stands at every fork in every road, and manages every roll of the dice, as she channels us on our journey through life. As old as time itself and as young as the next bet, she has no sympathy, no empathy and mercilessly takes for her own all that she needs. When on your side, she is a powerful ally : but don't ask for help when the chips are down ….


Do you want to live in a world where everything is left to chance?


The Wraith Witch





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About Podpadstudios Ltd

Podpadstudios has been making models and props for many years. In the early years we specialised in making replica robots, Droids and Daleks for Sci-fi conventions and exhibited our work both Nationally and Internationally. The Robots from Podpadstudios have raised thousands of pounds for Charity and we are well known in the Sci-fi community for producing unusual and unique robot designs.

In 2015 Podpadstudios became a more commercial venture building upon its considerable portfolio of props and models plus our desire and passion to build outstanding props and models for events and exhibitions. We currently supply most of the larger UK events and conventions with our work and always feel proud to belong to such a great community. 

We have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of mechanical Steampunk and Cyberpunk props.

Many of our props hired by UK comic and film conventions have inspired links to film and TV but are uniquely styled in a Steampunk and Cyberpunk way, many offering a full animatronic experience.  

No other UK company offers the unique symbiotic mix of TV and film inspired props with a Steampunk and Retro-futurist mix, with a twist of animatronics. 

As well as offering a hire service for our models and props we also accept commissions for  any model making work, especially  Steampunk or Cyberpunk styled. 

We do not charge any consultation fees and offer free quotes for any work, just drop us an email and discuss your project

By hiring one of our props for your event you can be assured you will be getting something totally unique, not simply a replica of an existing prop or vehicle.  All our props have interesting back stories as we build everything in house from the smallest animatronic props to the larger film vehicles. 

If you feel you would like an unusual prop or feature for your event browse through our collection or contact us to see what is in the pipeline, quality and individuality is guaranteed. We build props and models, it is our passion. 

Podpadstudios has evolved over the years to become a great one stop solution to hiring unusual props for your events or exhibitions. We always have something very special each year and this year we are introducing our Baby dragons Stardust and Steel plus the evil Fortuna's Carriage. This 8m x 4m interactive prop will be the star of your show and the two dragons will certainly make themselves heard. 

      Book today.........

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