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Stardust & Steel






Steel’s baby brother, the creative, the dreamer, the entertainer. Stardust has a naturally open spirit, and appears to wear his dragon heart on his wing. Loud, iridescent and glamorous, he’s attractive, mysterious, anddrogenous and flamboyant. 


Stardust  is a magical performing theatrical dragon. He is able to affect mood, change the lighting with a flap of his wings, the sound with a flick of his tail, and when he flashes his big eyelashes, and turns his aqua eyes on you, you’ll fall for this loveable rogue. 


To Stardust the experience is everything. He has a heart of gold, and sees the best of everyone he meets. He values his audiences’ enjoyment above all, the more love he gets the more he gives back to them, his mantra : come join the ride,  let's go!  


Unfortunately under the mantle of Fortuna, Stardust is becoming vain as she utilises his soft skills, his magic powers of persuasion and natural sociability, for her own ends, rewarding him with the opportunity to perform, she has purposely fed his ego, which is growing stronger day by day...


Steel, the baby girl hatched first. Fiercely intelligent and strong, surprisingly cold and calculating, for her years, Steel has taken refuge in her own mind, to escape the physical cruelty inflicted on her by Fortuna. She internalises her capture and her pain. 


Both the brains and the brawn of the pair of dragons, she is a formidable sight with diamond claws, strong wings, heavily armoured with icy blue  scales. The moment Steel hatched, she was already looking for a fight, whether mental or physical, she is so strategic, that, to her the two have little difference. The flattering deceptive lie, and the punch can have the same effect, to Steel it’s all a question of finding the right time to use the right weapon in the many fights she has ahead of her.


Fortuna immediately saw Steel’s power and discusses all matters of strategy and conflict with her.  She controls Steel with a combination of blackmail, bullying and very heavy chains. A born leader, though she does not know it yet, Steel instinctively protects her brother wherever possible. A natural hero trapped by the whip, her full potential is far from reached. Though fearsome, Steel has the purest form of dragon heart : her sense of justice is well tuned and she is able to easily see through lies. To protect herself during the years of her capture she has become tetchy, morbid, silent... she licks her wounds and ignores the inner voices which grow louder day by day: ‘this is not fair, this is not right ’... so far in her young life she has known no other way. 

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